Palma Family

The town of Santa Isabel Cholula was one of many of the towns who were afected because of the earthquake of September 19º of 2007 in Mexico. A big chain of earthquakes brought the death of more than 430 people, the largest number of deaths since the earthquake of 1985 in Mexico City.

Araceli Palma, single-mother of 2 girls, lived with his uncle Francisco who was deaf and mute. The Palma family with the eathquake lost almost everything they had. 

Unfortuntely the problem witch they face is more than the lost material of their home. The family has to face different limitations so they can live again in a roof and had a bed here to sleep. The help conditioning for the reconstruction of the house was for three months. So, they had to ask for refuge and sleep in the floor.

They had to face a lot of obstacles for example not having the correct land deeds. Because the land where they were living had been passed for one generation to another in their family, but they didn’t have any paper to check it out. As well as this situation the rest of the population of Santa Isabel is also in the same situation. 

The money limitation to buy the construction materials and the workforce help hasn´t an obstacle, because happily this family now counts with a new house constructed by the incredible help given by the Mexican town and the world in these adverse moments.